15th nbfc awards

15th NBFC and Fintech Conclave & Awards 2023

The event highlights the latest trends and achievements in NBFCs and Fintech through its 15th Conclave & Awards

When and Where?

18th August 2023

Hotel Hilton – Chennai

Event Overview:

Technology is evergreen. It never dies but changes its style and functioning as per requirements. These changes in technology make huge differences between organizations. It is also critical from a selection point of view. When how and what kind of technology is important for the organization and what dynamism it is going to bring to the organization.

The 15th edition of NBFCs & Fintech Conclave and Awards will discuss on various facets of technology from present to future development and its efficacy. The ever-changing Loan Management Software, the never-ending menace of Cyber Crimes, and how the pervasiveness of Digital Payment is bringing Inclusiveness to the organization and society at large. Experts and professionals from both NBFCs and the IT industry will discuss these significant aspects of technology and share their valuable experiences here.


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