How to Create a Drawing Template and Add to NX 7.5 Template List

First create your Drawing file and give it meaningful name. I’m going to call mine BC A Template.prt.

While you still have the template open, create an image for the preview of the template.

  • Go to File-Export- JPEG


Browse to a location to save the JPEG so you know where it is at.

Click OK. Close out of the Part File. Move the drawing template (BC A Template.prt) and the preview image (BC
A Template.jpg of it to the default location of your templates in C:Program FilesUGSNX 7.5UGIItemplates. We now need to edit the ugs_drawing_templates.pax file in the following location: C:Program FilesUGSNX 7.5UGIItemplates.

  • Edit this file with notepad. Right Mouse Button on the file and open with notepad.

    Below is what we see in the .pax file.

    We need to create another Palette Entry ID in the .pax file. I’m using English units for my new template, so I’m going to copy one of the ID’s already with English Units. I’m going to highlight and copy.

    I’m going to scroll down to the bottom so I can see what the last Palette Entry ID is.

    • It is d27. For my new drawing Template I’m going to use d28. Yours may not be d27.

    I’m now going to create another line by hitting enter on the keyboard between the end of PaletteEntry for d27 () and the end of the Palette (). I’m then going to Right Click and Paste the text from earlier.

    Here is the result. What is highlighted in blue is what was pasted here.

    Now edit the text to fit your new custom template. Highlighted in Red is what I changed.

    Changed in Red:

    • PaletteEntry id to d28 which is next available id in .pax file
    • Presentation name: BC A Template Is what will display in the New File List
    • Preview Image type location: BC A Template.jpg
    • Filename: BC A Template.
    • Units: English


    The custom template (BC A Template) is now in my File-New list

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