2014 PLM World Conference

2014 PLM World Conference

Technology Readiness for Next Generation Analysis

Abstract: This presentation will focus on the technology readiness assessments of current and emerging functionalities in commercial analysis codes in support of strategic plans. The basis of evaluation is the use case or work flow of various standard work processes in analysis. Strategic considerations will be mapped to functionalities. The coordination of specific development requirements with software developers will be discussed. Also included will be the customization of technical gap fillers in the work flows. A final assessment of the current offerings will be presented.

Design Reuse and Design Change

Abstract: NX has made tremendous advancements in the area design reuse and design change. This session will demonstrate the tools and techniques to enable efficient design reuse and robust design change

FE Mesh Morphing Why and How

Abstract: Engineers can wind up investing significant labor in generating an acceptable mesh along with boundary condition application for complex 2D and 3D finite element models used in gas turbine designs. Subsequently, they may want to perform parametric design modifications or simply ensure that their FE model adequately reflects the latest CAD model update available. However, a direct tie to the CAD model feature history and topology can prove fragile and very difficult to maintain. A custom NX Open API application was developed in-house as a stopgap measure that enables mesh morphing to address some of these needs. The basic use cases and limitations of mesh morphing will be reviewed along with a proposed scheme for leveraging the NX Advanced Simulation CAE topology engine to create a robust solution that should leapfrog available and emerging implementations.

CAE topology engine to create a robust solution that should leapfrog available and emerging implementations.

Abstract: This presentation provides an update on new features for TcSE 2007 as well as a review of upcoming features for TcSE 2008.

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