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What’s New in Solid Edge 2019? Part I

The announcement of Solid Edge 2019 created quite the buzz—with excitement building for plenty of new features and enhancements to generative design, reverse engineering, mesh modeling, design for cost, and more. Our Solid Edge Application Engineer, Ben Weisenberger, demonstrates some of these new capabilities in the first of a two part video series.

To recap this video, we’ll take a quick look at the overview of the video. Ben looks at the core of Solid Edge 2019 and what’s changed inside the Solid Edge application. Part 2 will take a look at the additional add-in products to the Solid Edge portfolio.

Solid Edge 2019 Changes

Application Changes

Solid Edge has moved from the current Solid Edge designation or naming convention (Solid Edge ST10, for example) to a standardized year format. All products in the Solid Edge portfolio will also adopt a similar year format name change. For example, “Solid Edge Illustrations” will be named “Solid Edge Illustrations 2019.”

This name change helps associate each Solid Edge release with a year—i.e., Solid Edge 2019 will be primarily used in the year 2019. It will also provide naming consistency across the portfolio of products. As a part of this change, references to “Unigraphics Solutions” will be replaced with Siemens.

The major version number for Solid Edge 2019 will be 219 to more closely align with the year format.

On the display side, there are some display enhancements for assemblies: There are now Graphic and PathFinder colors. This removes the differences between pathfinder and the graphic display, creating less confusion and offering a better user experience for new users.

Part Environment Changes

This section begins at 3:32 in the video.

Solid Edge 2019 features enhancements to Generative Design and Reverse Engineering, as well as some new capabilities to the “Intersect Surfacing” command. Additional functionality was also added in to Mesh Modeling, the “Design for Cost” feature and the “Multi-Slot” feature.

Assembly Environment Changes

This section begins at 36:39 in the video.

Solid Edge 2019 features some adjustable tubes and the “Auto Simplify” command.

Draft Environment Changes

This section begins at 43:02 in the video.

There are a couple new changes in the draft environment, including defining the Break Axis for Broken View.

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