3D Visualization in Mendix using Vertex Cloud

3D product modeling is the most valuable form of communication throughout a product’s lifecycle. However, access to such 3D models and procurement and configuration of hardware and software necessary for 3D modeling requires time, effort, and considerable cost. Vertex 3D platform offers the world’s first cloud-based visualization solution to enable 3D as well as non-3D developers to design and deploy meaningful 3D experiences for Industrial applications and workflows. Vertex’s platform SDK and API fuels team collaboration by unifying and providing 3D data, aligned visuals to teams across engineering, procurement, manufacturing, sales, marketing, service, and the supply chain while reducing hardware and software licensing costs.

3D Visualization in Mendix using Vertex Cloud

Mendix platform offers low code application building capabilities and integrates with Siemens Teamcenter PLM via Native Connector to fetch and manage PLM data stored in Teamcenter. In this blog, let us explore the use case of integration of Vertex Visualization with Teamcenter to fetch Product CAD and PLM Data by utilizing Mendix to build a Central Dashboard to design and manage 3D model for teams across the Manufacturing landscape.

teamcenter-mendix vertex cloud visualization

Use Case Implementation

  • The PLM data is stored in the Teamcenter database and the CAD Data is stored in the Volume server.
  • Mendix Teamcenter Connector is configured with Teamcenter FMS (File Management System) URL to fetch the PLM and CAD data by invoking SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Calls into the Mendix Runtime.
  • To explore more on the Mendix Teamcenter Connector Module, head over to the below article
  • The CAD data is downloaded locally on the Mendix Runtime Server.
  • The Vertex module built by Prolim consists of Vertex REST APIs restructured as Mendix Microflows which uploads the CAD data to Vertex servers for 3D Part Translation (Cloud rendering).
  • In return, Vertex API provides Stream Key to view the model.
  • The Stream key is automatically loaded inside the Custom Vertex Widget built by Prolim which opens the 3D model inside the Mendix Application Page.

Why Cloud Visualization?

  • Unified User Experience and Hassle-free Collaboration: Vertex Viewer SDK provides Front End APIs to integrate the Viewer Canvas in all kinds of Web Applications including Mendix. By integrating Vertex Viewer SDK with Mendix, centralized application dashboards can be built for all users to view the same 3D model across distinct phases of a product life cycle instead of multiple applications like NX for Designers, Active Workspace for Approvers, Teamcenter RAC (Rich Access Client) for PLM. Vertex viewer SDK renders the lightweight streaming output scenes and therefore, devices of any form factor with lower processing power such as Tablets or Smartphones can also be used to inspect the 3D Model bringing in true collaboration anytime and anywhere.
  • Reduced TCO: No need to procure or manage any Physical Hardware infrastructure for designing and rendering of 3D CAD Models as the heavy lifting of the CAD rendering happens on Vertex Cloud and only the resulting Pixel data is streamed back to the Vertex viewer SDK. All operations such as Pan, Zoom, Rotation are processed on the server-side and the Client application streams the rendered scene output.
  • Cloud-Native Benefits: Scale to a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users without any loss in performance while not committing to any server-side visualization hardware and zero-install of any proprietary licensed applications. Vertex also offers a pay-as-you-go approach that allows the flexibility to expand and contract as the number of users and data needs change.
  • Enterprise Level Security: Vertex offers the best-in-class encryption, enterprise-grade identity and compliance controls, and full transparency and visibility. Vertex is the only 3D visualization platform on the market that offers end-to-end protection of the data using industry best practices while being SOC 2 Type II certified and GDPR compliant.
  • Powerful Integration: Vertex open-source SDK supports all popular programming languages and can be integrated into any existing applications such as Siemens Active Workspace, Mendix, or virtually any web application with very few lines of code making it easy to build end-user applications with data from PLM, CAD, ERP, MES, IoT, and CRM.

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