3DConnexion 3D Mice are the Top Pick for Design Professionals

3DConnexion 3D Mice are the Top Pick for Design Professionals

If you’re in the market for 3D mice, 3DConnexion is the top choice for all visual and design professionals. 3DConnexion products are fully compatible with all of the top 3D applications.  A 3D mouse allows you to
interact naturally via rotating, zooming and panning, which is not possible
with a traditional mouse and keyboard. For a limited time, you can get 10% off the SpacePilot Pro and SpaceMouse Pro 3D Mouse fromPROLIM PLM.



3D Mouse Benefits:
— Productivity Increases – Simultaneous navigation, creation and editing gains averaging 21%
— Comfort Enhancements – Mouse clicks and movement reduced up to 50%
— Performance Design – Sketch or 3D, superior navigation allows model
exploring to minimize design error

3DConnexion 3D mice are an essential part of 3-dimensional
design tool kits at 3D design studios.  Framework Creative Ltd specializes in visualization, spatial, interior and product design,
with services ranging from concept level to detailed design.


Jason Inglis, CAD Administrator at Ditch Witch recalls: “I have four different variations of the 3DConnexion in my shop.  The fluidity in which it allows me to design is unmatched.”
Nathan Emler, Drafting Checker at Ariel Corporation says: “I have found that in the years I have been using 3dConnexion’s 3D mice that they have proven to be very durable and reliable.  Once you become accustomed to using one that when it is not available for using CAD software it is like not having a mouse for windows.  It is possible to get the job done but it is not very pleasant“.
Watch as Big Buck Bunny explains the equation — 3D Mice + 3D Content = 3D Fun.

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager

Tim Larsen

Marketing Manager

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