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  5. 3DConnexion Mice for CAD Design Engineers Are Economical Choice

3DConnexion Mice for CAD Design Engineers Are Economical Choice

3DConnexion Mice for CAD Design Engineers Are Economical Choice

Technology Assessment Group (TAG), an independent product
consulting firm, which specializes in product evaluation and productivity
measurement, recently conducted a research study to assess the economic impact of the 3D mouse on CAD design engineers.

GE, IBM and the University of Toronto via user interface
research suggest substantial productivity gains resulting from using well-integrated
6-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) devices for complex 3D applications i.e. 3D


 SpacePilotPro3D mice allow you to:
– naturally interact in designing by zooming, rotating and panning
– minimize design errors, explore models with superior navigation
– reduce mouse clicks and movements
– navigate simultaneously while creating and editing with ease


SpacePilot Pro
Key findings for CAD users while using 3D mice:

– 84%+ of CAD design engineers have reported significant improvement to their
product designs and their ability to detect design problems
– 21% average productivity increase
– takes less than a month for a typical payback period

The report evaluated the anecdotal claims that 3D mice can significantly
improve CAD design engineer productivity, and further sought to evaluate the
user interface research suggesting impressive productivity gains.  Surveying 190 3D mice users, substantial
gains of over 20% are being experienced by CAD design engineers while using 3D
mice with their CAD applications.

6DoF navigation and simultaneous two-handedness were key factors leading to their improvements in underlying user
interface research observations.

Jason Inglis, CAD Administrator at Charles Machine Works
recalls: “I have four different variations of the 3DConnexion in my shop.  The fluidity in which it allows me to design
is unmatched.”

Nathan Emler, Drafting Checker at Ariel Corporation says: “I have found that in the
years I have been using 3dConnexion’s 3D mice that they have proven to be very
durable and reliable.  Once you become accustomed to using one that when
it is not available for using CAD software it is like not having a mouse for
windows.  It is possible to get the job done but it is not very pleasant“.


According to the recent study, an investment in 3D mice can
have an unusually fast payback – less than 30 days – which would lead you to the conclusion that any company with CAD design engineers should proactively consider adopting 3D mice.
Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager


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