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4 New Simcenter 3D Features

The latest release of Simcenter 3D includes new capabilities for motion simulation that can expand analyses and improve productivity. Watch the video below to see some of the new capabilities.

To recap, here are four new Simcenter 3D features that will make your motion simulation easier: 

Analytical Contact Definitions

New analytical contact definitions can compute 3D contact faster, and with smoother contact force results, than contacts previously defined by geometry. 

In the video, you can see that the previous 3D geometry contact is noisy. Replacing it with new analytical contact definitions results in smoother contact forces. 

Scenario-Based Postprocessing

In Simcenter 3D, you now have scenario-based postprocessing. You can use these preconfigured postprocessing views to evaluate data from multiple results files. This makes sorting, analyzing and interpreting data easier. 

Flexible Links as Spline Beams

You now have the option to use spline beams to represent the flexibility of a body for a specific geometric characteristic using a beam formulation. For example, in the video, a spline beam is used to model the spring in the trailer. This helps you to predict the nonlinear deformation of constant-shape section elements. 


Submechanisms are assembly mechanisms that you add to a parent mechanism. In the video, the presenter duplicates the leaf spring mechanism within the trailer to create both halves of the trailer. Rather than doing twice the work, it’s easier to duplicate it. 

Since the trailer is a submechanism, it’s easy to bring it into an environment with other assemblies. The presenter brings it into a larger model with the wheel loader to begin running simulations. 

Would you like to see a Snackbyte about a specific functionality in NX CAD, NX CAM, Solid Edge or Teamcenter? Send us a Tweet at @prolimglobal or leave a comment below! 

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