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5 Cool New Features in NX 12

With the latest NX release, users have new functionality and enhancements to keep up with their need to create increasingly complex products with an ever-decreasing lead time.

But how does NX 12 accomplish this mission? Why does it stand out above NX 11? Why do you need it? Plenty of additions stand out that make this software more powerful—and faster—than ever. 

1. Watch Your Design in Action

The first is the new, fully-integrated tool, Animation Designer. Are you working on a single part or an entire assembly with multiple moving parts? No problem. You can define what can and cannot move, identify joints and couplers, and arrange the movement timeline. It’s as easy as pressing play. There’s no longer a need for prototypes, as the program’s automatic collision detection will identify any key issues.

2. Develop Lightweight Parts

You can also focus on reducing material use in NX 12. Create lightweight parts that still maintain structural integrity with the Lattice Design tools. First introduced in NX 11.2, Siemens has modified this functionality for ease of use, with new functionality. For example, you can now add a grid. Convergent Modeling allows you to work directly with faceted geometry, like a grid, and skip the data conversion process.

3. Use Multiple Screens

One of the simplest additions to NX 12 is also the coolest—Multiple Display Parts. Admit it, you have to have dual monitors to work more efficiently. Now, NX supports the multiple screen crowd with a new feature that makes it easy to switch between parts and applications, and compare parts or perform a change impact analysis.

4. Collaborate Across Disciplines

With the acquisition of Mentor Graphics, Siemens has uniquely made NX 12 the only true multidisciplinary platform available on the market. NX unites electrical, mechanical and control systems, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing across design teams of different disciplines.

5. Diagram Pipes with Ease

Lastly, with a simple, easy-to-use diagramming tool, NX lets you to drag and drop components for pipes, then edit them with ease. The new Piping and Instrumentation Diagramming tool also features automatic placement for nozzles and jumpers. All of this adds up to quicker diagrams, which means you can begin innovating your design immediately.

What Lies Ahead for NX?

Of course, innovation doesn’t stop with NX 12. As we look forward to the rest of 2018—and, eventually, 2019—we already know some new updates that Siemens wants to provide for the future. With future improvements to Convergent Modeling, fast assembly loading, NX for the cloud, and extended PMI capabilities, the future of NX promises to be as innovative as the designs you can produce.

Other potential innovations to look forward to for the next NX release (which won’t be numbered “13”) include:

  • Usability improvements, including new Live Help
  • New Convergent Modeling capabilities
  • Generative Design and Design for Additive Manufacturing improvements
  • ECAD/MCAD integration
  • Animation Designer improvements

While updates to NX 12 will occur during 2018, look for NX’s next release to drop sometime in early 2019.

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