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6 Sourcing and Supplier Collaboration Solutions

Suppliers are becoming more and more involved in the lifecycle of your product. Teamcenter helps enterprises by allowing these suppliers to interact with the members of your team. Doing this will make sure enterprises increase their overall productivity and will reduce the risk of recalls and non-compliance.

By using Teamcenter, enterprises can have suppliers involved throughout the entire product lifecycle while also communicating with all departments involved in the process. The data and information the supplier might need will be easily accessible and can be managed properly.

There are 6 solutions Teamcenter provides in regard to sourcing and supplier collaboration. Let us take a look at what those 6 solutions are:

Design Data Exchange:

Sharing information with the supplier(s) you are working with is essential. For Teamcenter users, there will be a designated “sponsor” in Teamcenter who can create packages of information including large CAD files that can be given to the supplier(s) you are working with.
These suppliers will use a secure web-portal to receive requests and data packages from you, and these suppliers can use the same portal to submit responses back to you.
If you are comfortable enough with your supplier(s), Teamcenter users can give access to them so that they have the ability to request their own exchange packages and create new items.

Direct Materials Sourcing

Teamcenter provides its users with the capability of direct materials sourcing. This capability provides numerous benefits. It allows for early bidding processes featuring RFx (request for information, proposal or quotation) template authoring, controlled processes for managing events, automatic tracking and communication, and erven detailed cost breakdowns.
Users will know and understand their cost drivers and supply chain impact sooner in the products lifecycle if they take full advantage of direct materials sourcing in Teamcenter.

Vendor Management:

Do you need an easier way to obtain and manage supplier information? Teamcenter Vendor Management allows enterprise stakeholders to have access to who the suppliers are, supplier data, and any supplier parts.
The product BOM will even be connected with supplier parts and quotes making access and analysis easier and more accurate.

Supplier integration with PLM

Getting your suppliers informed and integrated with access to your Teamcenter environment plays a major role in the efficiency and completeness of your PLM processes.
Even though suppliers will get all the access to information and data that they need, your enterprise will remain in control of the Teamcenter environment throughout.

Supplier Program Management

Teamcenter users can be in complete control of projects and any tasks at hand.
What happens when project members are outside of the Teamcenter environment? Supplier Program Management allows project members, both in the Teamcenter environment and outside of it, to plan and execute supplier projects within the context of your overall programs.
Any necessary data can be shared through a secure supplier portal that the suppliers can respond and submit their deliverables.
Once their responses are approved, these deliverables can be combined with the product definition in Teamcenter.

Supplier Collaboration

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes and data can easily be shared with your non-Teamcenter suppliers.
The supplier portal provides the avenue for simple, efficient collaboration between extended supplier teams and the enterprise using Teamcenter.
The Teamcenter database is a key feature that encompasses all knowledge your supplier will need to collaborate efficiently, which you can give them as much or as little access necessary to get the job done.

To learn more about Teamcenter, contact us at PROLIM.com. Alternatively, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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