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A Sneak Peak at NX 9

A Sneak Peak at NX 9

At the recent Siemens PLM Connection Americas User Conference in Dallas, we began to describe our plans for the next release of NX™. We will deliver the next major release–NX 9–later in 2013.

NX 9 will contain significant enhancements in CAD, CAE and CAM, and will offer notable productivity improvements in multiple areas. NX 9 will deliver new solutions that help you meet your product development challenges and deliver better products. Without going into specific command details, here are a few things you can expect from NX 9 for design.

NX 9 will change how you work with 2D data. The introduction of synchronous technology 2D applies concepts of synchronous technology to 2D geometry to reduce the time it takes to make edits to 2D profiles. Imagine relational editing of both constrained and unconstrained geometry. It offers a productive way to work with large sketches that contain many curves and offers the ability to update dimensional constraints, preserving sketch integrity.

NX 9 will help you achieve new levels of productivity in concept design because creation of freeform shapes will be faster and more flexible. Subdivision surfacing enables new levels of advanced surface creation, integration and speed. You’ll be able to quickly try alternative shapes and styles in order to be more innovative. It is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to start off with a primitive shape. You then manipulate a surrounding “cage” to morph the shape as needed. The end product is high-quality B-surfaces in an editable NX feature.

Synchronous technology in 3D also continues to be enhanced. With NX 9 you will be able to edit a shape by directly manipulating its edges instead of the usual method of editing its faces. Faces adjacent to the edges that you edit will adapt to follow their motion. NX 9 will also offer significant advancements in visualization with real-time race-traced rendering.

You can expect enhancements in CAE – including meshing, mesh controls and motion control – and CAM, as well.

You can be even more productive with NX 9. While you wait for web information on NX 9 to be published, you can check out the current NX for design web page here.

NX 9, coming later this year, will bring several significant updates, including:

-Embedded subdivision surface modeling to enable new levels of advanced surface creation, integration, and speed via fully associative and reusable NURBS output and core workflow operations with manipulation and editing. “You can create in minutes the shapes that would take hours or days using other tools,” Rusk said.

-Real-time, ray-traced rendering that is multicore CPU– and GPU-accelerated for instant display of interobject reflections and refractions.

-NX 2D Layout, developed in response to customers’ needs to work with legacy 2D data and develop new product layouts in 2D, enables rapid changes to curves while maintaining geometric relations. New capabilities will assist with a layout by leveraging 2D components as reusable, associative objects.

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