Accelerate Automotive Aftermarket Design with Solid Edge

Accelerate Automotive Aftermarket Design with Solid Edge

Designers and engineers are under pressure to work faster and produce accurate 3D part models, assemblies and 2D drawings. Solid Edge provides a complete software portfolio that accelerates design and helps eliminate errors before manufacturing begins. Design changes can be implemented faster so new consumer products can be delivered on time and on budget.

Solid Edge helps by enabling accurate modeling of electronic components, housings, electrical wiring and connectors. Solid Edge can optimize wire routings, calculate correct cable lengths and create accurate bills-of-materials (BOMs) to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce time-to-market for new products.

Solid Edge software from PROLIM PLM Software enables manufacturers to respond to major trends that are impacting the automotive aftermarket, including:

  • Growing used car market worldwide
  • Increase in the number of miles driven per car
  • Increase in the length of time people are keeping their cars
  • Increase in demand for reliable, high-quality parts to respond to these trends and be successful in the ultra-competitive automotive aftermarket, manufacturers can improve their performance.

With Solid Edge synchronous technology, importing a file from another 3D CAD system is as simple as opening it – and editing imported data is just as easy. Simply click and drag features, or add and edit dimensions on the fly, and Solid Edge will automatically make intelligent updates as if a history tree existed. The unique power of synchronous technology allows easy collaboration with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers and partners, and treats multi-CAD data just like native files.

Manage design projects and engineering change

To develop new products faster, manufacturers need to retrieve the data they need quickly, optimize their resources and manage engineering changes efficiently. Solid Edge helps with built-in data management tools for instant searches on properties and where-used references, and efficient revision and release management that require just a few mouse clicks for the designer to complete the task.

Key solution components

  • Solid Edge Design for 3D part and assembly modeling using synchronous technology accelerates product design, speeds revisions and improves the re-use of proven sub-assemblies in new designs
  • Solid Edge Simulation for virtual analysis of products reduces the need to create multiple physical prototypes, lowers material and testing costs and improves reliability and safety
  • Solid Edge Manufacturing for defining accurate machining processes that improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality
  • Solid Edge for Data Management improves the overall efficiency of the product development process, and ensures that accurate product data, bills-of-materials and compliance documents are easily accessible

Achieving real benefits from Solid Edge

Manufacturing firms in the automotive aftermarket industry are achieving significant benefits using Solid Edge. Some examples from recently published case studies include:

  • Improved design productivity and product quality
  • Reduced design time for award-winning products
  • New product introduction rate increased by 43 percent
  • Product development time reduced by 50 percent
  • Control material costs and optimize machine design using embedded, easy-to-use simulation tools
  • Improved marketing capability with attractive images and animations

PROLIM Solid Edge also enables you to work seamlessly with scanned data so you can easily create your designs with OEM data, or simply modify the scanned data without having to recreate the files. For more information on this offering please visit www.prolim.com/solid-edge/

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