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  7. Accelerating thermal heat protection simulation for hybrid to electric vehicles

Accelerating thermal heat protection simulation for hybrid to electric vehicles

On-Demand Webinar

How to use system and CFD simulation solutions to help reduce vehicle thermal failure late in the design cycle

Guest speaker: InDesA

With high pressure from governments to reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel economy, vehicle designs are rapidly changing. In addition to new hybrid, to electric powertrains, the market is seeing additionally driver assistance features, along with autonomous vehicles, all increasing the reliance on more electronics incorporated in the vehicle. Having hybrid vehicles ad additional complexity, such as battery and motors which also need to be cooled. With these new, and innovative designs, vehicle manufacturers still need to prevent thermal failures for keeping from expensive warranty recalls.

Thermal heat protection for thousands of components can be quite a complex process. This webinar looks how combined use from 1D system simulation to 3D thermal solutions can help reduce chance of thermal failure late in the design cycle. By tying thermal models close to CAD, system performance simulation, to 3D CFD solutions, thermal component temperatures can be predicted early in the design cycle by simulating severe operating conditions, such as an uphill trailer tow to key-off soak conditions. By linking the heat protection close to CAD system, not only are we providing close couple simulation between solids and fluid, but also removing weeks of manual surface cleanup which is commonly used by many OEM’s today.

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