Achieving Speedy Compliance with Aviation Industry Regulations

Aero Technics Design Ltd. designs better with Solid Edge. Interior
aircraft design company creates layouts for aircraft reconfigurations within a
single day. One of many keys to success was the ability to enhance
design speed and accuracy using simplified parts and assemblies.

For these reasons, the choice of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software used by Aero Technics Design Ltd projects is an extremely important decision. Simon Jeffery, engineering director and head of design at Aero Technics Design Ltd, has worked within the industry for 25 years. When he was involved in setting up the company in April 2004, his design and aviation experience led him to believe that the best software for the job was the Solid Edge® solution from Siemens PLM Software.

“Given the high profile nature of projects that we are involved in, we needed design software that we could truly rely on. It needed to provide our designers with the design functionality and flexibility to handle the broad range of projects we are commissioned to provide, together with the accuracy and ease of use to allow them to work to deadlines with the utmost confidence. This is essentially a 3D task and Solid Edge’s varied features means that we can very quickly assess and adjust the gaps between the elements in the layout. We can view the main elements in 3D but can keep less important areas as 2D cut outs so we can work rapidly. In most cases with Solid Edge we can create the initial suggested layout in line with EASA requirements within a day.” says engineering director Simon Jeffrey.
 “My experience told me that Solid Edge would provide all these things, it may be that the customer has rethought aspects of the layout or wants to add additional elements such as class dividers. Solid Edge gives us the flexibility to make these sorts of changes very rapidly and smoothly. Working with demanding aviation industry customers, we need to ensure the highest levels of speed and accuracy for the projects we work on,” says Jeffery. “Solid Edge, with its 3D design power and versatile features, gives our designers the tools they need to meet customers’ requirements. They can work quickly and effectively knowing they can rely on the software’s accuracy to ensure their designs will comply with EASA regulations.”
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