Advanced Machine Engineering – Using PLM to Enhance Development of Machinery and Industrial Products


Industrial machine builders are confronted with business challenges that require new process changes in the design and deployment cycle. This white paper helps the management teams of machinery and industrial product manufacturers assess the potential impact of product lifecycle management (PLM) technology by exploring the specific impact on five core business processes. These include bidding, order-to-delivery, installation and commissioning, in-service and support, and new product development and introduction.

What you get from this white paper

  • Globalization – New competitors introduce new brand values, products and services, and may benefit from lower cost structures.
  • Demanding customers – Buyers have good information about price, performance and competitive alternatives.
  • Regulatory Environments – Specific, auditable procedures together with local and global reporting may be required.
  • Growth of product complexity – Extensive use of embedded electronics and software is routine.

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