Announcement of Product Download Enhancement

We are pleased to announce that Product Download now includes full product
releases and updates (Maintenance Releases, patches, etc.). We will no
longer separate these two categories.

This change allows us to take advantage of the latest download technology
and optimized distribution channels for both Product Updates and full
Products. Please use the full Product download page to find all your
Product Updates, maintenance releases or patches.

In summary:
All Product Updates are NOW selectable in the ‘Product Download’ section.
All Product Updates are still selectable from their old location.
The current Product Updates page will be removed in the near future once
customers are accustomed to this change.
There is a new icon next to the download link for users who download files
using a Download Manager. Just click on the icon to generate a new separate
link in order to continue using the Download Manager.
In addition, a Search engine has been added to the Download page that
provides the ability to search all full products and updates.
The PROLIM PLM Technical Support Team is available to answer any questions and provide support for all of your needs including Product Downloads.
You can contact the PROLIM PLM Technical Support Team via email at

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