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Industry Machinery PLM Solutions

PROLIM PLM Software solutions enable industrial machinery manufacturers to innovate, globalize, improve productivity and meet cost targets throughout the product lifecycle. PROLIM helps its clients to reduce design cycle time as well as introduce design variations in real-time and benefits clients streamline the manufacturing process and thus meet customer specifications at short notice.

To be successful in today’s global industrial machinery market, you need to build machines that are smarter, more flexible and easier to maintain. The market demands maximum up time not only on a day-to-day basis, but also expects machines to remain productive for decades. The new reality for machine builders is that their engineers need to collaborate more in order to make complex decisions with less time to get it right. Product lifecycle management (PLM) addresses this reality by enabling you to receive the right information and make the right decisions.

PROLIM PLM Software supports the development of industrial machines with a full suite of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions. Our NX software enables you to virtually design and commission industrial machines within an integrated environment. We also provide Teamcenter software, the world’s most widely used PLM system that assists you with requirements management, management of design information, and regulatory compliance.

Industry Machinery PLM Solutions


Enterprises select PROLIM because we deliver solutions to meet the challenges of world-leading Industrial Machinery. We also appreciate the key operational business drivers and objectives in this industry. PROLIM offers the capability of the world’s number one IT services company

The challenges facing the manufacturing industries are significant but not unachievable. PROLIM PLM solutions can assist companies in rising to the challenges of a world economy. Allowing them to construct products that harness the latest technologies, open up new markets and increase customer loyalty while improving profitability and market competitiveness

PLM benefits for industrial machinery

Re-use best practices

You can leverage PLM’s knowledge capture and workflow capabilities to ensure that your company’s information assets are being re-used as much as possible. As a result, your machines have greater flexibility to adapt to new products or formats, leading to improved productivity and profitability

Extend lifecycle returns

PLM enables you to streamline your design process to improve operational performance while adding innovative product content and providing closed-loop service lifecycle management that enables your machines to meet escalating customer requirements for greater productivity, energy efficiency and lower cost of ownership.

Accelerate launch

You can reduce the number of prototypes, effectively manage design complexity and collaboration across your value chain of internal and external stakeholders, and improve your speed to delivery. In addition, you can use a virtual machine to reduce setup time while operating your physical machine

Increase profitable growth

You can deliver high margins from your machines by accelerating launch and establishing higher price points, as well as by reducing prototyping costs and facilitating concurrent global engineering and manufacturing to minimize cost. A global leader in automation technologies used PLM to significantly improve the speed of its work processes and reduce errors by providing all of its product development stakeholders with continuous access to the latest product information, enabling them to make real-time changes that could be reviewed and audited

Improve decision support

With the constant visibility into product and production information, you are able to make smarter decisions across the design, manufacturing process planning and commissioning.

Reduce build costs

You can reduce product costs by minimizing the number of physical prototypes you build and simulating machine behavior and performance during the early stages of product development.


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