Advanced Techniques for NX Designers

Four Days Class

Advanced Techniques for NX Designers course is offered online or at PROLIM Technologies office in Moorabbin, Victoria 3189 Australia.

This course focuses on taking the novice-to-intermediate NX user to a higher level of productivity. Advanced Techniques for NX Designers course will cover advanced assembly, surfacing, family of parts and drafting.


1. Customer Defaults

    • Introduction

2. Part Navigator Operations

3. Sketcher

    • Projected Curves
    • Splines

4. Surface Modeling

    • Spline/Curve Creation
    • Through Curves
    • Swept Features
    • Sew

5. Analyzing Faces and Bodies

6. Faces and Soft Blends

7. Extract

8. Spreadsheets

9. Part Families

10. Reuse Library

11. Advanced Assemblies

    • File Management
    • Assembly Load Options
    • Assembly Constraints/Reference Sets Review
    • Replacing Components
    • Component Arrays
    • Assembly Cloning
    • Assembly Sequencing
    • Assembly Modeling
      • Deformable Part
      • Deform Component
      • Promote
      • Wrap Assembly
      • Linked Exterior Creation
      • Inter-part Expressions
      • Exploded Assemblies
      • Arrangements
Cancellation Policy

Attendee must cancel 10 business days prior to the class start date in order to receive a full refund. Cancellation requests that are received 5-10 business days prior to the class start date will result in a credit towards a future scheduled training within 12 months of the original course. Cancellations made 4 or less business days prior to the training start date or failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the course fee or an additional fee of $250 will be charged to attend a future training class within 12 months of original training.

Students registered for classes that have 2 or fewer attendees may be required to join the next scheduled class. Students will be notified of this situation a few days in advance.

Rescheduling is allowed on a one time basis only. If you do not attend within 12 months of the original training date, the entire course fee will be forfeited.

Learn Advanced Techniques for NX Designers

conducted by highly experienced and professionals trainers

Course Completion

At the completion of Advanced Techniques for NX Designers, the student will understand advanced assembly concepts, surfacing ideas, part families and drafting tables as it can be applied in the real world of product development collaboration. As with each course developed and taught by an PROLIM PLM Application Engineer with Siemens PLM Software certification, the Advanced Techniques class capitalizes on the PROLIM PLM Engineer’s intimate knowledge of the software’s development and instructs the students based on the underlying principles incorporated within the NX software.

Course Materials

NX CAD Student Guides and an NX CAD data set will be provided on USB Drive.


  • Mechanical Design Experience
  • Windows Experience
  • Completion of Essentials for NX Designers Training


Tom Harris

Tom Harris

Solid Edge, FEMAP & Simcenter 3D
Tom Harris

Trainer For

  • Solid Edge, FEMAP & Simcenter 3D

Total Work Experience

  • 22+ Years

Career Summary

Tom Harris has more than 22 years of experience across the Engineering and manufacturing industry in Australia, ranging from Vehicle design and fit-out, Heavy Mining equipment, pharmaceutical packaging equipment, and technical consultancy, support, and training for individual users to large enterprises.

Work Experience Includes

With much real-world experience with Siemens products in the field, Tom brings a practical approach to the training he delivers, in CAD, CAE, and Optimization as well as customization of these solutions.

Training Conducted

  • Daikin – CAD
  • Trelleborg – CAE
  • Revolution Designs – CAE
  • Defence Science and Technology Group – CAD / CAE
  • Lumascape – CAD
  • Internal Training – CAD / CAE / Optimisation / Data Management


  • Siemens Digital Industries Software Presales Pro Certificate 2021
  • Certified Solid Edge Professional (ST – SE2021)
  • Certified Professional – FEMAP


  • B.Eng – Mech (Hons) 1998

Technical Engineers


Sylwia Tofil

Solid Edge, NX, Teamcenter
Sylwia Tofil

Trainer For

  • Solid Edge, NX, Teamcenter

Total Work Experience

  • 8+ years

Career Summary

Sylwia Has more than 8 years of experience in the Heavy machinery and Software industry. She provided support in Poland, Germany, and now Australia. She started from Solid Edge support and gradually transitioned into NX. Nowadays she specialized in Teamcenter support and Project managing.

Work Experience Includes

  • Providing first-line support for Siemens CAD users (Solid Edge and NX)
  • Technical mentoring for the Heavy Machinery industry (including Mining and Agriculture)
  • Ensured quality customer engagement demonstrations, training, and benchmarking with correct qualification and discussion.
  • Helping customers and prospects in solving complex challenges related to CAD and PLM
  • Key expertise CAD (NX & Solid Edge)

Other areas of Expertise

  • PLM (Teamcenter)

Training Conducted

  • NX,
  • Teamcenter

Delivery Manager / Project Manager / Technical Account Manager for

  • Engineering Team
  • NX CAM Projects
  • NX CAM Post Processors & Simulation Kits
  • NX CAM Contract Programming
  • NX CAM Customization


  • Siemens Digital Industries Software Presales Professional Certificate 2022 (Teamcenter)
  • Siemens Digital Industries Software Presales Pro Certificate 2019 (NX)
  • Siemens Digital Industries Software Presales Pro Certificate 2018 (Solid Edge)


  • Wroclaw University of Technology, Master’s degree (Power Engineering) – 2015- 2016
  • Wroclaw University of Technology, Engineer’s degree (Power Engineering) – 2011- 2015
Cliff wood

Cliff Wood

Solid Edge
Cliff Wood

Trainer for

  • Solid Edge

Total Work Experience

  • 1+ years

Career Summary

Cliff Wood has 4 years in Steel fabrication, Sheetmetal and Manufacturing industry and 7 years in Quality assurance and Customer relation roles Utilising attention to detail for Quality, specification, and oversight compliance to all his roles. Providing process improvement solutions to large and medium enterprises, with first-hand experience in product fabrication, product testing, specification compliance, and stakeholder relations.

Work Experience Includes

Fabrication of Steel and Sheetmetal products from specifications working with draftsmen to improve production efficiency.
Investigating process weaknesses and providing solutions that focus on productive and efficient process improvements through entire product processes.
Working with internal and external stakeholders to ensure Quality specification compliance as oversight compliance for large and small businesses alike using HACCP analysis.

Training Conducted

  • Solid Edge


  • Siemens Digital Industries Software Presales Rep Certificate 2022


  • CertIV Accounting – 2021
  • HACCP Certificates in MFCG, Process, Quality assurance, and Auditing – 2012

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