On-Demand Webinar

Presenter: Aniketh Raj

Application Development: Deep Dive into Domain Models & Microflows

Brief Summary of Webinar:


We deep dive into Application Development using Mendix by going through Domain Model and Microflows, the 2 most important building blocks of Mendix. Domain model forms the Skeletal Structure of Low code Application by creation of Entities and Microflow performs the control flow and Backend logic execution

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Managers
  • CIOs
  • IT Transformation Managers
  • IT Heads
  • Developers


Post the session, the participants will be able to:

This webinar will enable the participants to kick start Mendix Application development by starting with the creation of Domain Model Entities which forms the data layer and then use the Entities to create Pages and Backend Logic layer by the creation of Microflows to control flow and execute different actions in the Application.


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