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Improved Assembly Load Performance in NX 12 with Teamcenter

The number-one requirement for anyone creating and using assemblies in a CAD system is good assembly load performance.

In NX 12, you’ll see a load improvement that’s two times better than NX 11 (though results vary based on assembly size and content). There’s greater support for workloads that require large amounts of data to be loaded. In the process, NX 12 uses up less memory.

Note: In order to use the below option, you must use Teamcenter Integration for NX and load components from Teamcenter 11.3.01 a01_patch5,, or a later version.

There’s a new option in NX 12, called the “Minimally Load – Lightweight Display” option. This option loads less data than the “Partially Load – Lightweight Display” option.

During the load process, geometry is displayed on the screen; the geometry will “screen” onto the graphics area throughout the load process. This means you don’t have to wait until the end of the load process to see the geometry.

You can directly interact with the displayed data during the load. With this, you have a few commands and options:

  • Zoom/pan/rotate
  • Hide & show from the graphics window and Assembly Navigator
  • Cursor selection and pre-selection in the graphics window (single select)
  • Cursor selection in the graphics window (multiple object selection, including rectangle select, box select, and similar)
  • Expand/collapse Assembly Navigator nodes
  • Change display mode
  • Load from the assembly navigator

Minimally loading components requires less load time than other load options and is helpful when you’re working with large assemblies in design, visualization, packaging, and drafting workflows.

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