AVALON 2023 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition

When: 28 February– 5 March        Booth No.:  2P29

Where: Avalon Airport, Melbourne, VIC Australia

Event Overview:

The AVALON 2023 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is a global business, defence, and public event that brings together senior civil aviation, aerospace, space, and defence sector, military, and government decision-makers from around the world.

AVALON 2023 will offer unparalleled access to the region’s aviation, aerospace, defence, and space communities and serve as a platform for business at all levels to network with clients, collaborators, and suppliers. The Aerospace and Defense Exposition includes a variety of indoor and outdoor display possibilities, aviation display flights, and promotional opportunities.

Highlights of the event

Join the worldwide movement toward the manufacturing of tomorrow. Become a smart manufacturer to maintain your competitiveness and increase your productivity. Investigate the benefits of smart manufacturing to lower operating and capital expenses while boosting profitability. The advantages of smart technologies and concepts for increased output will be taught to manufacturers.

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