AWS AppStream 2.0

AppStream from Amazon Cloud is a fully managed Application Streaming service or in other words, we can centrally manage our Desktop Applications using AppStream 2.0 and deliver them to any Dumb Terminal or a low-end Computer. AppStream environment can be accessed from a very basic machine using a Browser or a Windows Native client. Even a Chrome Book with 2GB RAM would suffice in this case as the processing of the application happens on the Cloud on a Virtual Machine.

This ensures the End-User has fluidic responsive experience with the Application. These Applications can be Graphics Intensive like 3D Animation Rendering or 3D Design and Engineering Simulation or it can be a large computational analysis. Since these tasks are running on Virtual Machines designed for the specific use case like compute, memory, or graphics optimized tasks they run efficiently, and the Application is streamed via TCP/IP Protocol to the Physical Machine from which the End-user is accessing the AppStream.

Functional Architecture

  • The Administrator creates the AppStream 2.0 Environment considering the Number of Users and the Applications required for the End-users. The User receives an E-mail with credentials and the steps to access the AppStream 2.0 portal.
  • Once the user is authenticated, AWS establishes a dedicated and secure Streaming connection with an EC2 (AWS Virtual Machine). This Streaming connection only requires a stable Internet connection and sufficient Bandwidth on the end-user physical Machine. AWS recommends at-least 2 GB RAM and 500 MB to 1 GB of Local Storage.
  • For each user that connects to the AppStream portal, a dedicated EC2 machine is created and a connection is established with this machine. AWS manages the scaling of the Virtual machine Fleet when the Number of Users grows.
AppStream is a fully managed Application Streaming service from Amazon Cloud

The Stack defines the kind of Virtual machine will be used and the Applications that will be running on the Machine. We can choose from a variety of machines optimized for graphics-intensive, memory-optimized, or compute-intensive applications. The Machine type when correctly chosen ensures the End-user has a responsive and fluid application experience irrespective of the task at hand as all the processing and execution of the task is performed on the EC2 machine that the End-user is connected to. Only the Desktop of the machine or the User Interface is streamed to the End-User via Internet protocol

Benefits of adopting AppStream in the IT industry

  • Multi-window Desktop Streaming – With AppStream we can deliver the Application over the internet to all machines of different windows and Form factors like Chrome Book, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktop Machines as long as they support Internet connectivity.
  • Scale without any commitment of infrastructure – With AWS pay-as-you policy AppStream 2.0 provides a powerful and scalable infrastructure fleet and efficient pricing model. We can easily manage and scale the Application Streaming environment to ensure users across the globe access the machine with the least latency without acquiring or committing to any hardware.
  • Security of Applications and User-data – The Applications running on the Virtual machine are streamed as pixels that are encrypted to machines within our secure network. We can also set-up any additional organization-specific security protocols along with AWS AppStream 2.0
  • Centrally manage your application Stack – Each User will access the same version of the Application having the same license (if possible). Therefore, uninstalling the applications, updating, or Security / Bug Fixes patching are centrally done on the Application Stack. This is reflected in each subsequent logged in User.
  • Integrate with existing IT infrastructure – AppStream 2.0 also supports integration with existing Active Directory Domain, Network, or cloud storage on-premises. This way End-users will access the AppStream 2.0 portal using their existing credentials and existing security policies already in place.

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