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AWS IoT Events

Predictive Maintenance of machine can help customers by addressing the problems before they can cause equipment failures. It can help manufactures to lower maintenance costs, extend equipment life and reduce downtime

AWS IoT Events enables you to monitor your equipment or IoT device fleets for failures or changes in operation, and to trigger actions when such events occur. IoT Events also monitors data from processes, applications, and other AWS services to identify significant events so you can act ahead of time. AWS IoT Events can be used to build complex event monitoring applications in the AWS Cloud that you can access through the AWS IoT Events console or APIs.

How It Works

Benefits and Features

Accept Inputs from Multiple Sources-

AWS IoT Events accepts inputs from multiple data sources, these include IoT sensor devices, enterprise applications, and other AWS IoT services. AWS IoT Events can seamlessly integrate with AWS IoT Core to monitor incoming data from millions of devices and it also allows applications to send data by using a standard API interface (BatchPutMessage API).

Use Simple Logical Expressions to Recognize Complex Patterns of Events –

You can configure AWS IoT Events detectors to recognize events using simple logical expressions instead of complex code. It can recognize patterns of events that involve multiple inputs from a single IoT device or application, or from diverse equipment and many independent IoT sensors. This is especially useful because each sensor and application provides important information.

Trigger Actions Based on Events –

AWS IoT Events comes with a set of prebuilt libraries of actions, and it also enables you to define your own events. It gives the flexibility to directly trigger actions in Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), AWS IoT Core, Amazon SQS and Amazon Kinesis Firehose. You can also trigger an AWS Lambda function using the AWS IoT rules engine which makes it possible to take actions using other services, such as Amazon Connect, or your own enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

Automatically Scale to Meet the Demands of Your Fleet –

AWS IoT Events scales automatically when you are connecting homogeneous IoT devices. You can define a detector once for a specific type of device, and the service will automatically scale and manage for all instances of that IoT device that connect to AWS IoT Events.


With the use of AWS IoT Events you can have fully managed IoT service that makes it easy to detect and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications. It enables customers to recognize events across multiple sensors to identify operational issues and triggers alerts such as notifying support teams on an issue.

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