Cloud Cost Optimization

Succeed in Cost Optimization by understanding your spending and taking control of your costs

Organizations are shifting more applications and services to Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service models. Understanding your cloud bill and budget on cloud Our cost optimization has evolved into a distinct specialty, complete with specialized tools, economic models, and best practices for cost reduction.

AWS Cloud Architecture 2D Design

Cloud Cost Optimization using AWS

PROLIM AWS professionals use Cost Optimization to determine specific use models and savings programs for each customer.

AWS cloud systems can be extremely complicated and expansive for businesses. To reap the full benefits of the cloud, capacity must be adequately dimensioned and complexity must be reduced.

Smart Usage of Reserved Instances

Determine the best storage option for you based on your data usage and set up lifecycle policies.

Optimal Resource Management

Use the right strategy to tactically manage reserved instances and cut your AWS expenses.

Planning Storage Space Effectively

Find inactive assets, bad configurations, and improve for better performance.

Utilize the Proper Type of Computing

Determine your compute infrastructure by selecting the instances that are best for your workloads.

Match Demand and Resource Use

Set up a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and pay less when demand is moderate

Effective Storage Sizing Plan

Set up lifecycle policies and choose a storage option that works for you based on your data usage.

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