Data Lakes and Warehouses

Implementing, configuring or upgrading an enterprise data warehouse projects for your business

Data Lakes and Warehouses Services

The modern corporation generates and gathers massive amounts of data, frequently overloading administrators and legacy systems. The sheer volume of data sources in today’s company, combined with the difficulties of storing, analysing, and accessing both structured and unstructured data, has fueled demand for sophisticated data warehouse solutions.

PROLIM’s data warehouse consulting services may assist with any data-related issue, whether you need to build up a centralised repository that connects with other platforms or want to enhance your current system to better support analytics activities. Our experienced data warehouse workforce has seen and done it all.

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Analyze your technological architecture

Data warehouse experts can help you choose a solution that connects easily throughout the organisation and fits into your functionality.


Create a more effective data pipeline.

Working with data warehouse consultants can help you determine which platform and configuration is best for your data-driven business goals.


Improve your data warehousing abilities.

Using data warehouse consulting services augments your in-house staff with experienced professionals.

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Your organization’s data warehouse is more than just a place to store data.

By gathering information from all sources and producing useful reports that guide strategic decision-making, it fuels advanced analytics. Your company is held back by any barrier that stands in the way of those objectives.

If you think your data warehouse needs an upgrade, ask yourself these questions:

Since traditional on-premise data warehouses are constrained by on-site design and equipment, scaling up storage and resource requirements can be incredibly challenging. Even the most complicated analytics projects can be supported by cloud-based solutions’ on-demand scalability.

You can achieve the best and most informative results by feeding your advanced analytics with as much pertinent data as you can. Your analytics attempts will be hampered by data silos.

Maintaining and growing on-premise data warehouses to meet expanding data demands can be expensive. Hosted data warehouses give you additional performance and flexibility while lowering your total cost of ownership.

To fully utilise big data, you must be able to use real-time data to inform your business decisions. It could be time for an upgrade if your data warehouse cannot consistently support this degree of data management and analytics.

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