Data Pipeline

Data pipeline lets you to determine the flow of data between two or more data sources.

AWS Data Pipeline Necessity

Data is increasing at a rapid pace. Data processing, storage, management, and migration is becoming very complex and time-consuming than it used to be in the past. The data is getting complicated to deal with due to the below-listed factors:

  • Bulk data getting generated which is mostly in raw form or is unprocessed.
  • Different formats of data- the data being generated is unstructured. It is a tedious task to convert the data to compatible formats.
  • Multiple storage options- there are a variety of data storage options. These include data warehouses or cloud-based storage options like those of Amazon S3 or Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Benefits of AWS Data Pipeline

The use of AWS data pipeline provides a number of benefits and several advantages. We’ll list the key justifications for why data pipelines are so crucial in the section that follows. Take each of these advantages individually.

Cost Efficient

Accessible for trial testing under the free usage service provided by AWS. Otherwise, AWS offers data pipeline as a low-cost service that is billed on a monthly basis.


The resources that are used to carry out the logic or to correct the reasoning can be fully controlled. The logs are kept on Amazon S3’s storage system.

Easy to use

You can set up and conduct operations like those of Amazon EMR using the AWS data pipeline, or you can execute SQL queries on the databases directly.


AWS’s data pipeline provides a great deal of flexibility. To configure and execute operations like those of Amazon EMR or to execute SQL queries directly on the databases, use AWS’s data pipeline.


AWS data pipeline is easy to design and troubleshoot, fault-tolerant, and reliable. Without a lot of manual intervention, it can recover from errors and failures.


The flexible nature of the AWS data pipeline makes it highly scalable and enables processing of a million files with the same ease as processing a single file.

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