PLM Implementation on AWS Cloud

PLM implementation on the cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS) has advantages like cost savings, scalability, and enhanced collaboration.

Executive Summary

Implementing PLM on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud offers benefits such as cost savings, scalability, and improved collaboration through the use of services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for running applications and storing data and providing a flexible, cost-effective, and secure solution for managing the entire product lifecycle.

plm Implementation on aws cloud


Install Teamcenter on AWS cloud infrastructure, using EC2 service’s Window instances as multitier deployment. The solution uses a database on RDS Oracle.


As Teamcenter is a complex set of integrated modules, installing it as multitier enterprise server deployment is challenging, it has a Database stack, business logic server, Web app, data volume, and Active workspace. All severs within a stack must have defined core affinity, must communicate at <1 ms latency with 10 GBPS network.


Integrating the solution on AWS cloud solves multi facet operational problems such as reduced administrative burden, reduced turnaround time for issues, and flexible resource usage in a changing requirement.

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AWS Services / Components

EC2 windows, RDS, VPC, VPN and supporting services

Leading Thermostat Manufacturer

This manufacturer produces innovative sensing devices, bi-metal thermostats, thermal fuses, temperature sensors, wireless sensors, and power meters to monitor voltage and current. For the complex operation and management of electronics products, Teamcenter has been used as PLM software. They partnered with PROLIM to help implement the product.

Indian Multinational Technology Company

This company is specialized in optical fiber, structured data cables, hyper-scale network design, deployment, network software, access solution, optics & MPLS core network, enterprise services, and fixed broadband. PROLIM is responsible for Teamcenter software deployment using AWS cloud to help ease product design and implementation.