Security and Governance

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PROLIM security and governance framework is an end-to-end method for managing and operating your cloud environment securely and effectively without affecting company agility or creativity. PROLIM Security and Governance framework accelerate business objectives while addressing security in the cloud.

Cloud Security Consulting


Running Assessments and Creating Business Cases

We promptly analyse the environment of your organisation for high- and medium-risk vulnerabilities.

Creating a Security Baseline for the Cloud

We start mitigating high- and medium-priority risks.

Setting up High-Level Processes

We are creating high-level processes, such as establishing fundamental policies, practices, and security standards.

Putting Rules and Standards Into Practice

We can create solutions while laying the groundwork for them by constructing security and governance processes in the cloud.

Organizing and Enhancing

To improve security management and operations after the migration, we look at security best practise techniques.

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