CAMWorks for Solid Edge 2014 Release is Now Available

CAMWorks for Solid Edge 2014 Release is Now Available

The 2014 release of CAMWorks for Solid Edge is now
available for download! The first fully-embedded CAM system for Solid Edge
has helped users recognize significantly reduced programming time, lower cost
of ownership, reduced turnaround time, and several other cost and time saving
The 2014 release yields the same benefits for users, plus:

  1. Further reduced programming times
  2. Ability to use a Work-in-Progress (WIP) model
  3. Improved performance with support for 64-bit Microsoft Access for Technology Database (TechDB)
  4. Helpful and easily accessible tutorials
  5. New add-on modules:
  1. Wire EDM
  2. Mill-turn
  3. Simultaneous 5-axis

6.Assembly-mode machining (to be released February 2014)

7.CAMWorks Virtual Machine (to be released February 2014)

CAMWorks for Solid Edge Mill-Turn tutorial.
This release aims to fulfill the most complex CNC
programming requirements for current and future needs. To learn more about
CAMWorks for Solid Edge, click here.
Request a quote for
CAMWorks for Solid Edge.

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