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Can NX CAD “Reverse Engineering” accelerate your day to day tasks?

Does re-using data from customers and suppliers frighten you? Do you spend hours reworking someone else’s model, just to make small design changes? 

 If so, Siemens PLM has a feature that can help reduce the time you spend reworking objects. NX CAD Reverse Engineering can import data into NX and seamlessly allow you to make modifications without re-building the model.   

 “Reverse Engineering” in NX also allows your parts to be scanned in and modified immediately. No need to reshape the model.  This same data format allows you to build supports for 3D printing, perform operations, analyzing the data and include it in assemblies.  

 Are you asking yourself, how could this be?  

 PROLIM and Siemens PLM are always looking for ways to help their customersSo, whether you are an engineer, a project manager, or a CAD specialistwe believe your time is valuable. Let us help you improve your overall productivity, so you can spend your time on engineering, where it counts! 

Check out the latest abilities of NX CAD and let us help you in your day to day tasks. 

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