Carraro Group

Reducing design error probability by 25 percent

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This case study examines how the Carraro Group, a leading global manufacturer of power transmission systems and specialized tractors, reduced its design error probability by 25 percent in its heavy equipment division. With a focus on continuous improvement, Carraro Group recognized the need to optimize its design processes to minimize errors, reduce waste, and enhance efficiency. Through the implementation of advanced design software and comprehensive training programs, Carraro Group was able to streamline its design process, reducing design errors by 25 percent, and improving overall quality and reliability of its products.

What you get from this case study

Key to success:

  • Integrate harness design with wiring to easily transfer information
  • Prevent errors with design validation and DRCs
  • Reduce the time required for parts assignment and eliminate
    manual work
  • Provide the ability to automatically generate custom reports

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