Presenter: Jibin Oommen

CFD: A better way to reduce Cost, Failures & Development time (Session 1/3)

Brief Summary of Webinar:


Have you ever imagined a world without Fluids? We all are surrounded by Fluids, whether its air, water, gases, fluids, chemicals and many more. These fluids also play a vital role in process and product improvements be it in Aerospace, Space, Defense, Machineries, Consumer products, home utilities, Marines, Electronics, etc. How are we capturing the dynamics of the fluid in our day-to-day product and process development today?

With the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in every industry, various fluid related engineering challenges like lift and drag, Hydrodynamics, Dam failure, Overheating, aero noise, efficiency, inefficient combustion, battery thermal runaway, handling turbulent flow and many more are handled judiciously. CFD which was initially considered a niche area, has become the prime concern for all industries for the best product development to analyse, optimize and verify the performance of design before costly prototypes.

In this session, we would like to give a brief introduction how Fluids play a vital role in any product failures across industries, how these engineering problems can be tackled with the help of CFD solutions and abundant benefits of usage of CFD in your product and process development.

It is for Designers engaged in Tool & Die Industry and following can attend:

  • Dam Engineers
  • CAE Engineers
  • CFD Engineer
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineers

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand basic Fluid related challenges faced by industries
  • How these industrial challenges can be solved
  • What are CFD and its usage
  • Benefits of the CFD simulation


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