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How to Clean Up Imported Facet Geometry in NX

You’ve recently imported geometry into NX from a scanned part. But the geometry, imported as a facet, isn’t ready for modeling operations, even after transforming it into a convergent body. In this video, NX Application Engineer, Kyle Bentley, demonstrates how to clean up and modify imported facet geometry within NX CAD.

Cleanup Facet Body Command

In NX 12, there are new tools, such as “Cleanup Facet Body,” to help you improve the quality of your facet geometry.

The “Cleanup Facet Body” command offers three checks: all to none, all to analyze, and all to repair. By using the all to analyze check, you can determine how many degenerate facets, edges with folded facets, intersection facets, inconsistent normals, and laminar slits exist within your facet body.

Facet Edges Command

Using the “Facet Edges” command in conjunction with the all to analyze check, you can see the areas that need to be cleaned up. From there, you can use various tools. In the video, Kyle uses the “Snip” tool to snip out the facet that is intersecting. He then runs the “Smooth” tool to smooth out the facets that need to be smoothed out.

Note: There is a “Smoothing Factor” value associated with this command, which may impact the smoothing out of folded facets, depending on the selected value.

Cleanup Facet Body Command, Part II

The all to repair check in the “Cleanup Facet Body” command makes it easy to clean up all the degenerated faces and edges in the facet body. Running this command will clean up the facet, though you may find you’ll still need to smooth out a few more areas.

This is just a matter of using the “Smooth” tool, as Kyle demonstrates in the video.

In just a manner of minutes, you can clean up and modify a facet to create a new part to get the designed part for later, downstream applications.

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