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Close Your Product Quality Loop!

On-Demand Webinar

Digitalization changes the way consumer products are bought, consumed and evaluated.

Digitalization changes the way consumer products are bought, consumed and evaluated. Consumers drive the digitalization in CPG by wanting their products anytime, anywhere at competitive prices while respecting premium quality standards. Bad quality is spread all over the internet damaging a company’s reputation severely. To avoid that Laboratories are facing ever more pressure in performing more quality analysis according to more complex test methods, perform those faster and more efficient.

Associative updates, a key benefit of the entire NX system, make it easy to accommodate change orders since the robotic programming can be refreshed when design changes occur.

Attend this webinar to learn how centralizing Lab & Quality Management allows companies to close the quality loop from idea to shelf. You will learn how Siemens’ fully integrated Lab Management solution can increase lab efficiency, reduce time to result, enhance real-time management and provide automated guidance to Lab scientists by:

  • Managing the quality data & workflow in laboratories;
  • Supporting quality tests off-line and at-line testing in the laboratory and on the manufacturing floor;
  • Supporting complex test plans/methods definition and execution in different contexts;
  • Complying with quality standards.

Please use the registration form on the right to register for the live webinar on November 7th.

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