Closed-loop Quality System for Industrial Machinery Industry

In the age of Industry 4.0, industrial machinery manufacturers face increasing pressures to help their customers implement innovative processes and new technologies — and this means the machinery and equipment manufacturers themselves must adapt their manufacturing approach to meet customer requests and reduce time to market. Global competition and the need for new manufacturing flexibility intensify these pressures. In addition, stricter verification and higher product liability requirements demand quality management solutions that cover the entire product lifecycle.

The market is really demanding smart products: new types of products to meet our customers needs. And with these new types of products come new types of risks and challenges.

Closed-loop machinery

This is the issue we will address in our on-demand webinar, “Closed-loop Quality System for Industrial Machinery Industry.”

Quality as an Enabler for Success

Quality can be understood as a driver to gain competitive position and to ensure customer satisfaction. The consistency and structure provided by the Deming “Plan, Do, Check, Act” cycle, starting with product design and continuing through production, can provide the key to embracing new technology while protecting the brand.

In light of evolving market conditions, equipment and machinery manufacturers should answer a few probative questions to determine if your company needs new tools for improving quality:

What type of system support do your employees have in quality management to reduce quality costs and pursue a zero-defect strategy?

Which approach do you want to use to reach a successful quality maturity? Which technology is choosing? Are you still based on numerous form sheets? A separated and obsolete tool?

Siemens Closed Loop Quality Solution

To pursue a zero-defect strategy, machinery and equipment manufacturers need a company-wide quality management solution. Siemens Opcenter Quality, a holistic closed-loop quality solution, enables organizations to safeguard compliance, optimize quality, and reduce defects and rework costs.

Our webinar will address both the questions above and the criteria that a successful solution, like Siemens Opcenter Quality, should meet.

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