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Collaborative Manufacturing for a Successful Digitalization

The push for heavy equipment to collaborate with manufacturing solutions is allowing consumers to close the gap from product design to product execution quickly. In this aggressive strategy, heavy equipment is getting smarter with the help of segmented manufacturing the engineers are able to utilize using Siemens PLM software.

With advancements in manufacturing the processes in which it takes to make a product can be very complex. Siemens PLM developers have started to implement digitalization in all the software they provide to users. Digitalization is making processes easier for users with the help of legacy data and utilizing this data to maximize productivity. This of which is done by processing past simple digitalization and realizing full digitalization. In these actions, a digital thread is compiled to help assist the design team to see through to execution and production.

This process of digitalizing information is easier said than done, in terms of all engineers and employees need to be on the same page in order to do so. Collaboration can help to compile as much data as possible to make processes more streamlined going forward.

However, once a digital thread is in the process the success of product configuration is configured to order product structures reflecting a specific customer order. This is allowing for higher accuracy in data like never seen before. This digital thread allows for the manufacturing planning time to be a breeze and increase delivery on production by 40% year over year.

Understand your companies return on investments is key to choosing funds to allocate, but this is a no brainer. The increase in production is now switched to automation allowing for fewer errors to occur and quality to dramatically rise. There are many more areas than the ones listed that this digital thread improves.

Looking at the chart below you can see how a digital thread breaks any gaps from arising in a design, manufacturing and execution process. Change your mindset and allow your work to work for you! Contact us today if you’d like to discuss how you can increase production by 40% year over year.

Interested in more information, contact us at: market@prolim.com.

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