We transform education into organization’s productivity to arrange, place and help people in life-changing careers that are often inaccessible. We have an approach that we believe can serve hundreds of thousands and ultimately millions of people who are jobless, unemployed or just need to learn new skills.

Our Services

contract-to-hire IT Staffing


Whether it is about a role or whether it is the client’s standard business model, PROLIM has experienced 14 years of success in assisting our clients with their Contract-To-Hire needs. We are comfortable discussing with our clients each mode of acquiring top I.T. talent and the relative merits of each alternative.

Full-time-IT Staffing

Full Time IT Staffing

Even if you are a company with in-house recruiting capabilities, many companies are recognizing the need to access a vast pool of I.T. candidates who are not looking and don’t have their resumes posted on job boards. PROLIM has been delivering successfully recruitments and has the valuable resources to full time IT staffing solutions.

Consulting-IT Staffing

Consulting Contract

Contract staffing has long been recognized as a cost-effective and smart solution to deal with the requirements of a technology landscape that is constantly in flux. The level of flexibility afforded by this business model, in addition to the lower expenses when compared with the burdened cost of a full-time employee, makes this a viable alternative.

Technology Services

Our Technology Services helps to bridge the gap between IT business and their clients to gain more value from their IT-enabled investments. Design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms. Deliver automation, updating, reduce costs, and optimize business processes. Holistic approach of testing and quality assurance to build a product or services.

Why Join PROLIM?

  • We are passionate about making our clients successful.  When you win, we win.
  • Our clients get full support from their business managers, recruiters and support staff.
  • From CEO to intern, we are all dedicated to exceeding your expectations.
  • With the Prolim, you will always get direct communication, sound advice, a detailed staffing plan and uninterrupted administrative management of your team. By leveraging our expertise, you will be able to rapidly deploy staff when needed – and for the time needed – while reducing overall payroll, benefits and recruiting expenses.
Prolim-IT Staffing