Our programs are designed to save time, maximize performance and drive bottom-line outcomes. We learn everything we can about your organization to make effective recommendations, customized to your specific business needs. Our approach is focused on relationships.

Explore the Benefits

The IT staffing and recruiting services of PROLIM enable you to expand your software capabilities quickly and effectively. You can ramp up or down as necessary with an array of solutions. You will benefit from being connected with IT talent that is vetted and highly skilled. Whether you are developing a remote workforce or recruiting for contract or contract-to-hire roles, while you maintain control, we will do the heavy-lifting. If we don’t find you the best applicant, there’s zero cost to you.


Recruiting Engine resources

Together with an extensive relationship-based process, a state-of-the-art, comprehensive database of over 50,000 candidates offers
you the ability to quickly identify highly qualified, educated candidates who have a pre-existing professional partnership with Prolim.


Qualified, Prescreened Candidates

Any candidate introduced to you and vets for both cultural and technological skills are interviewed by PROLIM’s trained, behavioural staffing and hiring team. To ensure that you make the correct hiring decision, you will know the professional business acumen of the candidate up front..


Hiring Process

We do the heavy-lifting for you and eliminate the conventional hurdles associated with the recruitment of applicants, including criteria for pay, transportation, screening, availability, etc. Until submission, your account manager will explain to the applicant all the specifics of the job, allowing you to concentrate more on the professional fit.


Tech Requirements

Based on your precise requirements, our IT staffing and recruiting services help you build your technical team and help you to develop, test and deploy your software services or products. Lean on our processes to help you remotely employ and efficiently employ remote talent on board.