Lifecycle Planning for Internship to Employment

Fast-Pacing the Career Growth Path and Winning long-term ambassadors.

Vision of i2E program

“To pick graduates from Academia for various business activities and projects at PROLIM for 3months, and groom them to become employees of PROLIM or its customers as contracted resources of PROLIM.”

Lifecycle Planning for Internship


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Types of Internship

We’re looking for the most dedicated college students from all over the world who have the desire, creativity, impact, and dedication to represent PROLIM from the comfort of their own homes. You will learn to lead from the front and build vital skills such as Software Development, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Recruitment throughout the program. You will be invited to participate in various entertaining activities and contests from time to time, with the possibility of earning really interesting prizes and performance-based stipends.

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Run the defined activities for campaigns and industry-associations in a tight time-schedule.

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Engage with MQLs to create a plan for moving ahead and use technical resources for Sales Qualification.

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You’ll learn how to work with the finance team to ensure that all engineering vendors are registered and paid on time, as well as how to provide reports for management about engineering finance.

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Act upon the brief from senior technical resources, and complete the assigned POC work on CAD-CAM-CAE-IoT.

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Software Developers

Develop the necessary cyber-physical systems to mimic the enterprise IoT framework and develop the relevant apps.

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This internship program will provide the opportunity to source, screen, interview, evaluate, and select candidates based on skills using enterprise applicant tracking technology and innovative recruiting tools.


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