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Consumer Products Collaborating Data, Drawings and Machines

Do you face challenges trying to keep up with competitors? Whether you are focused on ROI, design time, managing legacy data from past models, or refining your business plan, there is a large demand to constantly outperform your competitors.

Companies in various industries experience challenges in different ways. This is due to the saturation of the market, similar products, etc. there are many factors to be considered when companies try to outperform one another.

Creating a digital thread can help benefit companies to collaborate all their data, drawings, machines, specs and requirements. This digital thread has become a phenomenon for the big competitors in a variety of industries. One area in particular you will see this digital thread making an enormous difference is the consumer goods industries.

Delivery time is everything in a consumer good industry. Think about Amazon! They usually have anything and everything you could ever want, from groceries to hair care products to laundry detergent. There are so many things nowadays consumers expect to be instantly at our fingertips. For the companies making these products, it is the same mindset. Faster, more production, and quicker. These tactics can only be implemented with the help of Siemens to streamline the digitalization process.

One key aspect of the digital thread is new product development and improvement of the existing products. NX plays a very key role in the lifecycle of the products. One major pillar that plays an important role in the new product development and continuous improvement is your CAD/CAM/CAE integration. NX offers a variety of solutions under its portfolio.

Imagine all your Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and CAE analysts collaborating with each other without having to translate/transfer data in neutral formats like STP/Parasolid. NX makes it all possible by providing all the functionality under the same User interface and consistent file formats. This can speed up the design process 6X faster. Another easy change is the transferring of information from design to manufacturing.

NX has the ability in the click of a button to go from CAD to CAM functions within the same UI or user interface. Aside from just the ease of use, those same design changes like I mentioned before are also down streamed to all departments.

If you are looking to make quick changes and allow for a more competitive approach in the market, check out all the benefits NX can offer your company. From design to manufacturing to simulation, NX can cover all of your bases to understand your bottom-line. Make products more efficient, quicker and faster with NX.

Interested in more information, contact us at: market@prolim.com.

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