Continuously Optimize Machines and Processes with a Closed-loop Digital Twin

Existing Maintenance Approaches Create Excessive Costs

The vision of the Digital Twin itself refers to a comprehensive physical and functional description together with all available operational data of a component, product or system, which includes all information which could be useful in all – the current and subsequent – lifecycle phases.

The Digital Twin refers to a description by a collection of well aligned executable models of a component, product or system with the following features:

The Digital Twin is the connected collection through several simulation models of appropriate digital artifacts including engineering information, operation information and behavioral descriptions. The Digital Twin simulation designs are specific to their planned use and apply the appropriate fidelity to solve the issue.

The Digital Twin evolves along the entire life cycle along with the true scheme and integrates the understanding about it presently accessible.

In addition to describing the conduct, the Digital Twin is used to obtain alternatives that are applicable to the actual scheme.

Challenges with Product and Process Design

With restricted information points and frequent analytical intervals, companies miss the chance to cut expenses, speed up development times and optimize product and process quality. This results in:

  • Inefficient Prototyping
    • Costly and long development cycles
  • Lack of Relevant Data
    • Unable to obtain and analyze performance data in real time
  • Complex Variables
    • Unable to mitigate risk because not all variable impacts are known

Overcoming Product and Process Design Challenges

You can guarantee optimized machine design and prototyping, effective commissioning, brief turnaround times and smooth operations by creating a virtual copy or digital twin of your products and procedures.

  • €75B Potential in digital twins by 2025
  • 50% of large industrial companies will use digital twins by 2021

MindSphere Users Have Been Able to Realize Up To:


savings on service maintenance


reduction in asset downtime


increase in manufacturing output

Implement a Closed-loop Digital Twin with MindSphere

Physical Machine
  • Capture all output, health and usage information automatically with a closed feedback loop to enhance future versions
  • Reduce the danger and price of machine and process adjustment

Digital Twin

  • Prototype more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Understanding and manipulating innumerable variables without affecting manufacturing environments

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