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Design engineers are constantly challenged to come up with innovative designs that are cost-effective, using fewer resources. Generative design in Solid Edge, aided by powerful artificial intelligence software and the computing power of the cloud enables engineers to create, and simulate hundreds of material and design options.

With generative design, the designer needs to input the parameters such as material, permitted load, strength, and the target weight for the manufacturing process. Based on that the computer generates design, using the software and automation. It will compute a geometric solution that maintains structural integrity. Multiple weight, load, and constraint scenarios can be run simultaneously.

Once the designs are made, CAD engineers can select the optimum design that meets their requirements and explore further, to create lighter, and stronger components.

Solid Edge - To Create Product with Lighter Components

Generative design in Solid Edge incorporates a variety of optimization tools, within the Solid Edge 3D modeling toolkit. This helps designers to create components that are stronger but lighter with minimal material waste while manufacturing. These designs are the best fit for casting or high-resolution 3D printing.
The generative design provides ready-to-print surface quality while enabling a reduced-mass geometric solution based on permissible loads and constraints. These are well suited for 3D printing, and the shape can further be refined traditional manufacturing by using the Solid Edge toolkit.
You can make, lighter components with minimal material waste while manufacturing. Moreover, you can create highly customized complex shapes, perfectly tailored for today’s high-resolution additive manufacturing processes.

With Generative Design, you can:

  • Accelerates the design process without attention from the engineer
  • Automatically compute a reduced-mass geometric solution, to maintain structural integrity
  • Create parts ready for 3D printing
  • Develop the design efficiently, using convergent technology

Advanced Software and Computing Power to Create Designs

Solid Edge Generative Design can easily integrate with your product development process. Features include:

Convergent Modeling™ technology

By using convergent modeling and synchronous technology, meshed models can easily be integrated into the model editing process and further modified in Solid Edge. Features like cutouts, holes, and bosses can be added to the components. 2D drawings can be created from the 3D model, allowing you to get the final design immediately.

Advanced Parts with Additive Manufacturing

Components can be directly manufactured using additive manufacturing. It allows for design freedom in complex shapes and makes unthinkable shapes possible. With high-resolution 3D printers, parts with complex shapes are easy to create. This leads to a faster time-to-market for new products. To avoid infinite variations, the generative design uses AI algorithms and search engines to remove unrealistic possibilities.

Benefits of Using the Powerful 3D Design Tool

The generative design offers a number of benefits to manufacturers:

  • Enable engineers to select the design faster, saving time and cost
  • Use advanced software and computing power to optimize designs
  • Works on multiple designs in parallel
  • Realize the value of additive manufacturing
  • Improve machine efficiency with lower component weight
  • Reduce component cost by using less material
  • Create highly aesthetic products
  • Reduce multi-part assemblies to single components

Generative design capabilities in Solid Edge allow designers and manufacturers to meet their sustainability and profitability goals. It helps deliver performance while reducing manufacturing costs and energy needs.

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