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Creating and Reviewing Documentation in Teamcenter

Efficient document management is critical to almost any business process. The following video covers the creation of a functional specification document for a product in Teamcenter, which allows you to define document templates for any sector of your business.

Let’s review some of the functionality provided by Teamcenter for creating and reviewing enterprise documents.

Creating Documents in Teamcenter

Documents from Teamcenter can be opened and edited directly in Microsoft Word. You won’t need to enter any information you’ve previously provided—content can be linked from the document properties in Teamcenter. In the video, the fields in red are already linked in Teamcenter.

Linking content from Teamcenter saves time in re-entering data and fewer errors with out-of-sync data. If you’re editing the content in Microsoft Word, you can save it back to Teamcenter.

Reviewing Documents in Teamcenter

If desired, Teamcenter can automatically create a PDF upon check-in to use as review and mark-up as the document and the product move through their lifecycle.

Later in the lifecycle, you can view who has viewed the document and review their comments. As a reviewer you can also leave comments and make suggestions, without directly editing the document with a variety of mark-up tools. These suggestions can be saved as a part of the history of the document.

Would you like to see a Snackbyte video tutorial about a specific functionality in NX CAD, NX CAM, Solid Edge or Teamcenter? Send us a Tweet @prolimglobal or leave a comment below! 

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