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Data Migration – Breaking Data Barriers through Diaspora

Data migration carries plentiful issues to the forefront. It may represent the first time in many years that a company has reconsidered their choice of a product development data model. In order to overcome observed flaws in that data model that have developed over time, the company may wish to alter portions of the model or expand on its definition. One of the biggest issues of the data migration challenge is that of timing the migration.

Data flow will continually grow since the company cannot stop development and wait for the new PLM implementation to be complete. Client’s single biggest reason for using cloud services is to reduce costs, followed by speed to adoption and business process transformation.

The most common challenges are the following:

  • Lack of collaboration
  • Lack of data calibration or data consistency
  • Imprecise information
  • Poor interpretation of Technology

To come up with the data migration challenges PROLIIM has released Diaspora 2.0 – The Cloud Based Data Migration Platform as a Solutions approach to provide a solution at top speed that reduces cost, risk and time. PROLIM have developed an in-house, standardized, Consistent, Reusable platform called “Diaspora” that takes care of all your data migration essentials. This will help to provide migration solutions for cases like Mergers, De-mergers, Acquisitions IT Transformations, and Infrastructure Upgrades, Regulatory Requirements, Business Process Transformations and Server or Storage Technology Replacement.

Significant Features of Diaspora 

  • Planned to work with multiple source and target systems
  • Recyclable components that reduce development cycles leading to reduced cost, shorter time to market and improved ROI
  • Complex product mappings and rules framework for product and field mapping
  • Real–time synchronization capability to support real-time data integration and continuous data availability
  • The ability to process/migrate large volumes of data at ease
  • Customized reporting capability during execution on various aspects such as transformation rules report, fallout

We at PROLIM ensure Data Migration solutions helps to Auto Generate Data profiling and Validations and create your own validation rules. Diaspora Data migration software includes data quality management features making it the most universal, feature-rich, and cost effective data management framework.

Exploring new technologies is our entrenched culture in ensuring the technical team’s knowledge is competitive with current industry trend. It’s PROLIM all the way throwing you the gauntlet- are you ready for the challenge!!

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