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Data Migration Challenges: Good, Bad and Ugly

Data Migration could be a nightmare and every company today has multiple concerns!

For instance, data migration might present for the very first time in several years that an organization has reviewed their selection for a model for product development. For overcoming the loopholes that are present in the data model which could have been created over a span of time, the organization might also wish to change certain sections of the model or broaden its scopes. Whatever be the scenario, the alternations place extra pressure on the shift from the old to the new, because a simple data migration might not be always possible.

The challenge of consideration 

One of the core aspects of migration is to understand and recognize that every data is somewhere subject to consideration. Whilst there might scenarios that would view the concern as mainly a digital data to digital data transfer, the expert officials would identify that a certain section of the organization’s IP might still stay in a hard copy or in the memory of senior management officials. The most common challenges are the following:

  • Absence of collaboration
  • Lack of data calibration or data consistency (garbage)
  • Inaccurate information
  • Reduced interpretation of Technology

The Solution 

Solution providers like PROLIM has a vast PLM Data Migration expertise and offers migration services to well-known organizations across the heavy engineering, aerospace, automotive, hi-tech, CPG industries internationally. PROLIM have developed an in-house, standardized, Consistent, Reusable platform called “Diaspora” that takes care of all your data migration essentials.

PROLIM Diaspora Data Migration includes data quality management features making it the most universal, feature-rich, and cost effective data management framework in the industry. A good PLM implementation solution ( Diaspora 2.0) could have helped them ease the burden of the data migration process by giving them.

Data migration includes data quality management features making it the most complete, feature-rich, and cost effective data management framework in the industry. It allows users to configure rules, scripts and queries for data validation, data enrichment, and data profiling that help improve the quality of data.

Important Features of PROLIM Diaspora

  • Planned to work with multiple source and target systems
  • Recyclable components that reduce development cycles leading to reduced cost, shorter time to market and improved ROI
  • Complex product mappings and rules framework for product and field mapping
  • Real–time synchronization capability to support real-time data integration and continuous data availability
  • The ability to process/migrate large volumes of data at ease
  • Customized reporting capability during execution on various aspects such as transformation rules report, fallout

A data migration strategy such as the Diaspora 2.0 from PROLIM that has been carefully planned and well implemented can lead to ease and accuracy in data migration as well as remove any chances of data leaks. The time and the cost involved in repairing these leaks could be huge and getting a proper solution and strategy in place could mean reduction in cost, time and eventually better operational efficiencies and improved ROI.

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