Data Visualization using AWS QuickSight

The industrial IOT applications are becoming an integral part of the business world to increase and enhance their productivity. These IOT applications generate huge volumes of data which needs to be collected, processed and converted into format that makes the data analysable, presentable and easy to understand so that the decision makers can make useful insights from the data and make smart decisions. Hence, visualizing the data that is collected from different sensors in a meaningful manner is one important aspect in IoT. The data visualization tools and technologies help to process the data and present in the form of different visualizations making it easy to perform decision-making. One such tool is AWS QuickSight provided by Amazon.

Visualizing Data using QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is considered as one of the most powerful, fast, cloud-based easy to use business intelligence service provided by Amazon that allows user to that makes it easy to create and produce visualizations to build interactive dashboards and deliver useful insights from the data. Amazon QuickSight provides cost-effective, fast and extremely interactive business intelligence for any enterprise.

Diaspora has the potential to synchronize real-time data integration and the continuing availability of data

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Creating a Basic Visualization using Amazon QuickSight

It is easy to start working with QuickSight by just following the basic steps that include:

  • Sign in your AWS account, create an AWS QuickSight account
  • Choose a data source.One of the major benefits of using Amazon QuickSight is it automatically identifies your AWS data sources without much effort making it easy to connect with them.

It is possible to access data from multiple sources for the same analysis.

  • Create your visualizations and dashboards

Prolim and AWS QuickSight

Since, visualizing data is considered as one of the major aspects of IOT. PROLIM is building multiple IoT solutions for our client and working on our internal products where data is collected from multiple data sources and sensors. The challenge doesn’t end here, we at PROLIM are trying to use multiple visualization tools to explore and experience different data visualizations to provide dashboards that can give the best possible insights from the data collected and makes it easier to take smart decisions.
We have used multiple data sources to create dashboards using AWS QuickSight. It’s auto-detection and built-in support for Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Redshift, DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3 and other data sources gives a key advantage of using QuickSight for creating dashboards easily and quickly.

One such data source used was Amazon S3. Preparing the dataset for QuickSight consumption was an easy task. The SPICE engine of AWS QuickSight makes calculations faster and empowers users to query large amounts of data, process and analyse them at a lightning speed.

And added the JSON manifest file into the S3 to upload the data files.

QuickSight’s ‘Autograph’ feature generates a string of suggestions by observing patterns in the backend data sets and evolves itself to accurately predict data analyses and visualizations based on the user’s analytical patterns over time.

Dashboards and Visualizations

QuickSight provides amazing set of visualizations like combo charts, heat and tree maps, pivot tables and different customization possibilities to enhance the readability of the dashboard.

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