Delivering the Smart Innovation PLM Platform – Quick PLM 2.0

Innovation at its best: move aside PLM legacies- the game changer PLM 2.0 is here

PLM 2.0 isn’t merely a version upgrade in order to facilitate the PLM process or ensuring a seamless operation; it is a game changer of sorts with an intrinsic connect the human species and technology- a marriage of two diverse yet similar identities, wherein one cannot sustain without the other, especially in relevance to the global scenario today. PLM 2.0 while it aims to channel the potent 3D tools along with the concepts, the objective remains on with blinkers- a single focus enabling users create a lifelike, reciprocal experience, which is meticulously achieved by implementing advanced concepts in Physics to 3D models in order to infuse life and make them function just as reality. PLM 2.0 Solutions are here to stay and bring about a paradigm shift on the way companies go about developing the next gen products.

The most remarkable experience about PLM 2.0 is that it promises to be a revolutionary revelation especially for engineers, designers and in fact any user. There wouldn’t be any ‘ideal’ audience for PLM 2.0, as it encompasses  a lot within its scope, including social networking and media, which makes it more ‘approachable’ and identifiable to most people today.

PROLIM’s unwavering efforts at ease of doing business has led them to dish out to their customers Quick PLM 2.0 integrations helping in more efficient collaboration, enhancing the user experience in terms of the usability factor resulting in cost savings.  The PLM experts at PROLIM are always there to provide support on Quick PLM 2.0 platform solutions following the sun model; this is what PROLIM’s Quick PLM 2.0 is about- a potent solution driving PLM initiatives while simultaneously enabling enterprise automation and integrating PLM platforms with ERP solutions for real-time dissipation of information all through the heterogeneous systems.

PROLIM’s pointers for Quick PLM 2.0 include:

  • A faster PLM implementation path rendering a more prompt and robust ROI.
  • A better definition and prioritization of objectives from a business’s point of view.
  • Minimal waiting state and time for prototype issues.

With PROLIM’s Quick PLM 2.0, you are ensured of a platform which is a truly scalable service oriented architecture (SOA) covering the entire business enterprise. QuickPLM 2.0 from PROLIM facilitates delivery for applications in relation to engineering, manufacturing and simulation and enables its users to remotely create and collaborate online.

Maximizes ROI by accelerating the cycle time and reducing development costs with lifelike simulation, as well as unifying access to strategic and critical data across diverse infrastructural platforms.

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