Desktop printing and prototyping with Siemens NX software


Siemens NX software can be used for easy prototype and desktop printing.

At Siemens, we talk a lot about our NX software being for printing parts at scale and industrializing additive manufacturing. But NX can also interface with desktop printers for easy prototyping and design evolution.

This webinar will discuss the recent improvements in NX that make the printing of prototypes on hundreds of types of desktop and mid-range machines easier. For those who are new to 3D printing, we will also talk about prototyping as a use case, how NX can be used for that purpose, and also other use cases suitable for desktop 3D printers.

Using Desktop 3D Printers Throughout the Design and Manufacturing process

During this webinar we will discuss how new improvements to Siemens’ NX software can assist with connecting to desktop and mid-range 3D printing hardware. Subjects discussed include:

  • Using prototyping throughout the design and print process to refine a product’s design
  • The types of desktop and mid-range printers that NX can connect to Some use cases for desktop printing beyond prototyping

Desktop 3D printers are becoming ubiquitous in business today and knowing how to harness the power of these machines can give you a leg up against your competition. We hope you will join us for this exciting webinar on using desktop 3D printers with NX.

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