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How to Determine NX Version, Sold To, and License in Use

The following is a technical post to help you find the version of NX you’re running, the sold to number and license information.

1. Open NX.

2. Open an existing .prt file or start a new model.

3. Click File (tab) –> Help –> About NX

4. Click System Information.

5. An Information Window will appear.

6. Notice the NX Version:

In this screenshot:

  • 12 is the main version, NX 12
  • The third digit, .0, means there are no maintenance releases installed on the computer.
  • If the version was NX 12.0.2 that would mean NX 12 version and maintenance release 2 is installed.

7. The NX licenses that are currently in use are listed at the bottom of the information window in Bundles in use and Add On Features in use.

8. Customer’s sold to number can also be found in the information window. The sold to window and customer name will be listed beside Server ID.

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