Develop Customized Industrial Heavy Machinery Faster and Efficiently


Like the more advanced automotive and aerospace communities, the heavy equipment industry is facing enormous challenges in developing new products. Building tough, mega-machines has always been a pride point in the industry. How you engineer something like an ultra-class mining truck with a 363 metric ton load capacity and 4 meter-high tires?

Figuring out how to balance performance behavior of complex systems like mechanical, electrical, controls plus customization and new materials is just the icing on the cake for heavy equipment engineers, who traditionally depended on testing and trouble-shooting. Most of the tricky works comes with the “mega-ness” of the product: How to make sure that a mega-tractor is still comfortable for the farmer? Without disturbing noise? How to get a 36-meter boom to fold in and out of a self-propelled crop sprayer like a convertible roof on a luxury sports car?

All this prototype-based refinement is excellent for the end product but honestly painful for the development schedule. With today’s faster paced market, the heavy equipment industry needs to find a better balance between simulation and testing. The answer to this is developing a digital twin.

The answer to this is developing digital twins. Although this might sound hard, it is all about having the right tools to do the job. This is what the Simcenter portfolio is all about. You can learn all about it at


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